How to Improve CTR Rates

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The hard truth is that click through (CTR) rates are dropping and it doesn’t seem like it’ll be getting better anytime soon. Research even shows that click through rates on mobile searches have been down over 41% between 2015 and 2018.

However, this doesn’t apply to all of you, so don’t panic! You’ll see why below.

For those of you who are currently being affected, let’s take a closer look on how to improve CTR.

Where Your CTR Matters

People are looking for information on how to improve CTR in Google search or how to improve CTR in AdWords, but the truth of the matter is that they all matter across the board.

You’ll want to take a look at how to increase CTR rates on your emails, YouTube channel/videos, Facebook page, etc. Basically anywhere you’ve established a presence online.

What is a Good CTR?

If you’re looking at how to improve expected click through rates, you should consider where it’s located and the link type as good CTR rates are dependent on these factors.

For example, a good click through rate on a search ad is around 1.91%, or 2 out of every 100 online users, and the average CTR rate for display ads is around 0.35% (across all industries).

Why is My Click-Through Rate So Low?

As mentioned at the start, this doesn’t apply to all of you; only certain types of websites are experiencing lower click through rates.

The websites experiencing the most difficulty are the ones where Google can pull quick information and display it in their featured snippets sections (e.g. job listings, real estate listings, flight information, etc.).

The crux of the matter lies in users performing searches, getting the information they need quickly via featured snippets, and moving on to their next search or exiting out entirely without needing to click through to visit the website.

Google is now prioritizing the following sections on the results pages:

Paid Ads

Featured Snippets

Google My Business Listings

How Do I Get More Clicks?

If you’re searching specifically for ‘how to improve CTR of website’, you’ll need to start off first with your on-page SEO. That means taking measures on your own website to improve its search ranking position.

1.) Start by inserting keywords inside of the page URL. As you know, each page on your website has a unique URL, so make sure to name each of your pages using the main keyword.

2.) Structure page titles that appeal to reader emotions. Make sure to substitute anything that may come across as “clickbait” with something that truly resonates with your target audience.

3.) Make sure to include meta descriptions. While these are a bit of a chore to write, meta descriptions should not be overlooked and you need them in order for search engines to be able to find and rank you.

4.) Don’t forget to do the little things. Boost engagement to your content and increase your CTRs by producing quality content that’s tailored to your audience, and make sure to include any relevant images, videos, and hashtags.


If you’re trying to figure out how to improve CTR on your own website, how to improve CTR Facebook or even how to improve CTR on Amazon, you should definitely see an improvement by following our tips.

Make sure to put out high-quality content that aligns with what your prospects are searching for and follow all of the best practices outlined in this article.

By doing everything that’s been mentioned above, you’re already at an advantage over your competition and your business will be in much better shape!

We hope you learned something today about how to improve CTR. Visit our blog for more articles and subscribe to learn more about search engine marketing!