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About Me

Hi, my name is Daniel P. Borbolla and I’m President and CEO of B&FPS.

This may sound a bit odd, but digital marketing saved me from having a miserable professional life. How, you may ask?

It all happened back in 2004 when I realized the impact Web 2.0 would have in terms of newly-added functionality, interactivity and usability for websites, and how that would impact business moving forward.

I’ve always had a love for brand marketing and buyer psychology, so when digital marketing became a reality, I knew I had found my calling and wanted to jump right in. However, I was faced with the risky decision of leaving behind a secure government position and essentially starting all over again.

With my wife’s blessing, I resigned in December of 2006 and spent the next 7 years learning and working my way towards opening my own digital marketing firm where I go on to develop custom digital marketing strategies for my clients and execute on their behalf.

Since then, I’ve worked with businesses in verticals like construction, law, medicine, and technology, among others.

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Thousands of marketing professionals read my blog each month and follow me on LinkedIn.

You can also find my company on Google My Business, Better Business Bureau, Expertise, Alignable, Clutch and LinkedIn.

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What Others Say:

I found Daniel to be a bright, articulate learner who sought to learn as much as he could about the topics examined across the course. His ability to effectively translate understanding into quality work is particularly noteworthy, given the high cognitive load and short time frame for that particular graduate course.”

– Dr. Beverly Ray, Ph.D (The University of Alabama Graduate School)

One example of Daniel’s outstanding academic performance was evident during the Capstone Project, which consisted of developing a series of online learning modules geared towards business professionals. I was honored to be selected as one of the reviewers on his final project. After providing only a few minor recommendations due to the quality of his work, Dr. Barrie Jo Price, the professor for this course, selected his project to be featured as an example for future students. Daniel demonstrated great analytical and independent abilities, meticulous and well-organized work, excellent writing skills and great intellectual development.

– Jonathan R. Smith (Director of Technology, Harris County School District)

Four projects in and it’s been great working with B&FPS. Dan does his best to help you understand exactly what he wants, which saves us a lot of time.

– Paul Giannis (Partner)

“I’m pleased to write this review for Dan and the rest of the BFPS crew. This is an excellent company to work for. They’re dedicated to making clients happy and going the extra mile to achieve results for them.”

– Angelo Puedan (Former Employee)

8 Facts About Me:

– I’ve been married to my wife for 18 wonderful years and we have a beautiful daughter together. Spending time with them and the rest of my family is what matters the most to me above all else, so this goes at the top of the list without question.

– My mom has always gone out of her way to assist sick and injured animals. Thanks to her example, my siblings and I have become big animal lovers. Although I do tend to be more of a dog person, but I think that’s mostly because I’m allergic to just about everything else!

– I’ve lived my entire life in South Florida, and have yet to visit a state at the same time that it was snowing. So in case you’re wondering, seeing snow is still on my bucket list (as sad as that is to admit).

– I’m an old-school gamer that started playing video games back in 1980-81 when my dad brought home an Atari 2600 console, which came bundled with Combat. My second game was Donkey Kong and that game was special because it the first time I played with Mario (i.e. “Jumpman”). Then in 1985 when the NES was released, Super Mario Bros. solidified my love for Nintendo. Despite their flaws (and there are many), I remain a big fan of their company and brand.

– I’m a big sports fan and my favorite sports ranked by order of importance are: NCAA football, NFL football, NHL/college hockey, soccer, basketball and baseball.

My Teams

1.) College Football – My favorite teams growing up were always the Miami Hurricanes and Michigan Wolverines (I’m a newcomer when it comes to Alabama football).
2.) NFL Football – The Miami Dolphins were the first team I started rooting for back when I was 7 years old in 1982. The New York Giants were always a team I’ve liked from afar since they always made life miserable for all of our AFC East rivals. Thank you Giants!
3.) NHL/College Hockey – Strangely enough, I started liking hockey all because of a video game — NHL ‘94 on the Sega Genesis! I’m a long-suffering fan of the Florida Panthers (yes, we do exist!), and a huge Michigan hockey fan.
4.) Soccer – During the ‘02 World Cup, some of my co-workers started watching matches on the office TV, and I’ve been a fan of the sport ever since. I proudly root for the United States of America first and foremost, followed by Spain where my ancestors originate from. When the cup ended, I started following the English Premier League and adopted Liverpool as my team. I also adopted Real Sporting de Gijón as my Spanish team in La Liga since they’re from Asturias. I also root for our hometown MLS team — Inter Miami CF.
5.) Basketball – Basketball was a sport I always found myself casually playing, rather than following on television. Up until we got the Miami Heat in ’88, I was a casual fan of the Boston Celtics since they’re the Lakers’ nemesis, and the Bulls because of Michael, of course!
6.) Baseball – When I started liking baseball in 5th grade, I rooted for the New York Yankees because my father, grandfather were all big fans of theirs growing up in Cuba. I’m also a fan of the Miami Marlins.

– I’m an astronomy nerd going back to when I was in the 6th grade. I love reading through research studies written by people way smarter than me, and watching overly-long YouTube documentaries that my wife can’t make it through 10 minutes without falling asleep.

– In 2017, we discovered that our daughter had low muscle tone in her hands (hypotonia), so we created a coloring pages YouTube channel to inspire her and other children. She recently got into gaming, so we recently transitioned our content to reflect her changing tastes.

– I haven’t touched a physical drum set for as long as I can remember, but still manage to annoy and embarrass my wife and daughter with my air drum displays both at home and in the car.

I could go on, but I think I’ll stop here. Thanks for reading through!

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