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We expand your reach by leveraging engaging online channel formats, enabling you to connect with a wider audience and create opportunities to grow and expand your business.


We target specific audiences, maximizing relevancy and engagement through segmentation and optimization, driving better results and efficiency for you.


We track and analyze key metrics to uncover valuable insights that will help inform better data-driven decisions and strategies, and drive continuous improvements to maximize ROI.




We reach the right audience with precision by targeting specific demographics, interests, and behaviors.


We achieve a higher ROI with affordable digital marketing options compared to traditional methods.


We track campaign performance in real-time, providing valuable insights for data-driven decision-making.


We connect with potential customers globally, transcending geographical boundaries.


We deliver tailored messages and experiences for stronger customer connections and increased engagement.


We quickly adapt campaigns based on performance, market trends, and customer feedback.


We foster meaningful interactions through social media, email marketing, and interactive content.


We customize campaigns to specific audience segments, matching preferences and needs.


We optimize landing pages and user experience to boost conversion rates and drive sales.


We stay ahead of the competition, reach customers effectively, and outperform rivals in the digital landscape.


We love working with B&FPS. We’ve had a long-running working relationship and have always received great, detailed and well-researched work, dealt with friendly and professional members of their team, and they also always meet deadlines. Would 10/10 recommend them!

Rebecca Wentworth, Senior Marketing Manager, SharpSpring


Daniel’s digital marketing expertise went above and beyond anyone I’ve met in this space in the 24 years I’ve known him. He worked on one of our websites and the boost we experienced helped us obtain new clients and subsequently expand our business. Any professional organization requiring digital marketing services would benefit greatly from Daniel’s years of experience and wealth of knowledge. He and B&FPS come highly recommended!

Robert Solera, Owner/President, Code Services Inc. (CSI)

I have had the pleasure of working with Daniel at B&FPS on a few of their projects and highly recommend him. Daniel and his team provide informative, timely and well-thought-out content that will help businesses take their marketing to the next level. Daniel and his te

am are consummate professionals. They are helpful, responsive, courteous and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Kerri Pedersen, Senior Copy Editor, ESPN The Magazine

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What is organic search optimization?

Organic search optimization (i.e. search engine optimization, or SEO), is the process of increasing traffic to your website by ranking it at the top of the organic search results page. Our digital marketing experts’ job is to ensure that each of your web pages is optimized with a specific search intent in mind, so when users perform a search, they find your site among the first blue links (i.e. organic links) they see.

Organic search optimization looks at the quality of traffic, the quantity of traffic, and the organic search results to determine where your page should be ranking. Consistently creating great quality content that benefits users, pursuing keywords with buyer intent, and acquiring the right backlinks will help your website climb the search rankings quickly and effectively.

Does organic search optimization work?

Yes. Employing the right kind of organic search optimization tactics definitely does work. Targeting the right keywords, building relevant backlinks, having the proper site structure, optimizing your site speed, and having a secure website is the surest way to improve your organic search rankings.

The average user usually only pays attention to the first 3 organic results, so it’s vitally important to use proven and reliable organic search optimization strategies to achieve and maintain high search ranking positions consistently over time.

While paid search marketing services produce faster results, your ability to reach new prospects lasts only as long as your ability to keep spending on your campaign(s). On the other hand, organic search optimization is the longer-term investment with lasting results.

Is organic search optimization necessary?

The truth is organic search optimization is not the right solution for every business.

We only recommend using our digital marketing expert services if (a) your business is already generating a steady stream of revenue, (b) you’re willing to implement a long-term online marketing solution that sends consistent and targeted traffic to your website each month, (c) you have the proper infrastructure in place to support such growth.

If you’re not in a position to hire just yet, you’re better off doing it yourself and avoid cookie-cutter ‘budget’ organic search companies that only do the bare minimum. When it comes to digital marketing services, you truly “get what you pay for.”

What are the pros and cons of organic search optimization?

Let’s get some bad news out of the way first: organic search optimization takes some time to get going (especially if you have a brand new website).

Business owners need to go in with the expectation that they’ll need to invest in organic search for a few months* before they see any ROI.

*In our experience, a good rule of thumb to follow is that new websites can take anywhere between 9 to 12 months, and websites that are between 2 and 5 years old can take around 6 to 9 months. More established websites of 5 or more years can take anywhere between 1 to 6 months. Everything depends on the industry you’re targeting, where you’re located and the level of competition you’re dealing with.

As far as the pros go, organic search optimization continually builds your brand’s expertise, authority and trust metrics over time, leading to greater and more consistent sales opportunities over time.

In addition, once you’re able to compete and rank for those valuable keywords that have true buyer intent, you drastically increase the chances that interested prospects will become future customers for your business.

And last — but certainly not least — organic search growth is exponential, making ranking search terms way easier and profitable for you over time. Keep in mind that you’ll need to invest in organic search for the long-term if you want to maintain your online presence now and in the future. Lucky for us, huh?

Is organic search optimization effective?

Yes, statistics show that users often don’t scroll too far down and rarely get past the first page, so the higher you can position your website at the top of the organic search results, the more you improve your click-through rates.

google serp ctr rates

Source: LinksManagement

Our tracking software provides invaluable information on the clicks you received and how well they performed (more info below). This allows our clients to better visualize their revenue and keep a close eye on their digital marketing budget.

What is the ROI on organic search?

Speaking of visualizing your revenue, we developed a couple of simple ROI calculators to help you do just that:

The first calculator lets you input the Monthly Search Volume for your desired keyword and find the click-through rate (CTR) distribution for the Top 3 organic search positions in Google, or how many clicks you should expect to receive each month being ranked in any of those positions.

The second calculator lets you enter your Average Yearly Client Value* and your Yearly Client Goal to figure out the Opportunity Cost, or potential benefits that you stand to gain by choosing to work with our firm.

*If you don’t know your yearly client value, simply take your total yearly client revenue and divide that by the total number of clients you currently have.

What is the organic search process in a nutshell?

We’ll devise a comprehensive plan to account for several different factors like industry, location, and competition level. Here’s our 5-step process for setting up new clients:

I. SETUP – First, we’ll facilitate the communication between your website and Google by setting up and configuring the following properties: (1) Google Business Profile to help you manage your online presence across all of Google, (2) Google Analytics to track/measure site visits and interactions, and (3) Google Search Console to gather insights and make improvements using the various tools they provide.

II. AUDIT – Next, we’ll conduct an extensive audit to analyze your website’s performance in the following key areas: (1) on-page and off-page organic search optimization, (2) technical site issues, and (3) user experience, which includes checks on site speed, site security, and mobile-friendliness.

III. RESEARCH – The third stage is where we discover relevant, low-competition (i.e. low-hanging fruit) keywords to help your business achieve some quick, short-term gains in search. Our goal is to consistently build and grow your search authority over time so you can later target higher-competition keywords that result in more business for you.

IV. STRATEGY – Here we’ll use the information we gathered during the research phase to formulate a strategy according to your company’s specific needs. Prioritizing actions and opportunities in order of importance will help you achieve the best and quickest results in the shortest amount of time.

V. DELIVERABLES – In the fifth stage, we’ll continually develop digital assets and conduct outreach campaigns to increase your digital footprint. Over time, these assets will begin accruing valuable backlinks, which are crucial for establishing your website’s authority. Each of these backlinks represent a “vote of confidence” from the referring website.

What if my website has been blacklisted?

We helped one of our long-time organic search clients recover from a devastating 3-year Google blacklisting.

Rest assured, we don’t engage in black hat organic search optimization tactics that violate search engine rules and put your business at risk of being demoted or blacklisted!

search engine optimization example

What is paid search marketing vs organic search?

Both organic search optimization and paid search marketing share similar objectives in that they target specific keywords to attract the right kind of site visitor to your website. However, the main difference is how each achieves its goal.

For organic search, numerous factors are taken into consideration when ranking a website like its site authority, content quality, backlink profile, etc., while paid search marketing success is determined by how well you manage your campaigns and the total amount of ad spend you decide to invest. As the saying goes: “You have to spend money to make money.”

An paid search marketing result is listed at the top of the SERPs with an indication that it’s a paid advertisement, while organic search results can be shown in one or more areas like the top 10 blue links, featured snippets, local packs (“map pack”), People Also Ask (PAA) boxes, voice search, video/shorts search, visual search, and more.

What is meant by paid search marketing?

Paid search marketing (i.e. pay-per-click marketing), uses paid ads that appear at the top of the search engine results page (SERP).

Advertisers pay to target and compete for keywords that have specific buyer intent. Leads are more qualified and targeted, and have a higher chance converting into paying customers for your business.

There are several different ad formats and advertising platforms available with Google/YouTube (Google Ads) and Bing (Microsoft Advertising) being the two most popular. In addition, LinkedIn, Amazon, and social media websites like Facebook and Pinterest each provide their own advertising platform.

How do you use paid search marketing?

Paid search marketing targets customers who are actively looking for your product and/or service. When a user searches for your particular keyword(s), your ad will appear at the top of the results page for that specific search.  

In essence, paid search marketing drives qualified leads to your website by promoting your product and/or service to users who have buyer intent and find you in search.

Is paid search marketing effective?

Yes, statistics show that people don’t scroll very far down the search results and rarely get past the first page. The closer your ad appears at the top of the search engine results, the better your chances are of getting noticed!

The best strategy is to concurrently use paid search marketing (paid ads) for quick results while your organic search optimization efforts grow your search presence organically over time.

What does your paid search marketing process look like?

Our paid search marketing process involves everything below:

search engine marketing benefits

Please Note: Tasks in the top row are performed one-time; bottom row items are performed on a monthly basis.

Do you offer digital marketing expert services for non-US locations?

At this time, our digital marketing expert services include local and national paid search marketing and organic search campaigns for US-based businesses, and website design and development, website maintenance, and web hosting services for local, national, and companies overseas.

Am I locked into any long-term contracts for organic search or paid search marketing?

Organic search optimization campaigns* are required to be renewed every six (6) months.

Paid search marketing campaign contracts are required to be renewed on a quarterly basis.

*Please note that should you choose to discontinue your organic search optimization campaign(s), it will not have an immediate impact on your rankings, but over time your results will begin to diminish as search engines will always prioritize user intent above all else and want to serve its users with the freshest, most relevant search results. For this reason, we highly recommend incorporating organic search optimization as a permanent online marketing strategy for your business since your growth will be exponential over time.

How will I be able to track my results and overall progress?

If you have an organic search marketing account with us you’ll be given access to an organic search reporting dashboard where you can track/access all of your leads 24-7, view detailed information on them, generate reports, and much more!

For both organic search and paid search marketing accounts we’ll keep you updated with monthly reports detailing your progress every step of the way.

Do you offer anything other than digital marketing expert services?

Yes, we provide Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) marketing services to South Florida-based companies located in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties.

What is content marketing and why is it important?

Content marketing involves creating, publishing, and distributing content for a targeted online audience.

Using the right keywords and links can get your pages noticed by prospects, but what good is it if visitors quickly bounce away after reading only the first few lines of your content?

That being said, a website is only as good as the content it produces, and users expect to be served authoritative and relevant content that fully satisfies their search intent. Search intent can be broken down into 3 main query categories: 1.) Do (resolve a problem), 2.) Know (learn about something), and 3.) Go (visit a specific page).

As part of our suite of digital marketing expert services, our content marketing team will consistently create relevant content to establish your search authority. This is content designed to attract, engage, and convince your ideal prospect to take action.

How is content marketing done?

Instead of placing your product or service on a page with thin content and hoping customers magically find you, try writing content that aims to educate, inform, and delight your ideal prospect.

Maintaining a consistent content marketing strategy helps build your brand and keeps you top-of-mind for prospects.

Do you have any case studies?

Here are a few case studies we selected (names removed for privacy):

[+] A 2,432% Increase in Leads for a Shipping Services Company

This client tried another agency’s services and were very disappointed with the results. Our digital marketing expertise helped them reduce their paid advertisement spend so they could invest in more organic search optimization and other long-term digital marketing growth solutions.

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Case Study #1: Shipping Company Our client provides a portal for individual and commercial customers to source shipping services for almost anything imaginable, from furniture to heavy plants. Shipping providers are all experienced professionals ensuring that services booked through our client will meet and exceed customer expectations.

CHALLENGE: Although our client had employed other digital marketing agencies in the past, they had been consistently disappointed by the results. None of the firms they employed were able to improve search page rankings or increase organic traffic despite investment being readily available to support these initiatives. Since paid traffic delivered more consistent results, the firm ended up reinvesting in this activity.

SOLUTION: We reviewed our client’s requirements to identify that a full review of their marketing strategy was going to be essential to ensure that a long-term organic search strategy would be effective. They were impressed by our holistic approach to their challenges. We began by performing an in-depth technical audit of their website.

APPROACH: As soon as we started working on this project, we identified fundamental issues which were limiting the ability of the site to deliver an effective organic search campaign: (1) Our initial audit uncovered a number of structural problems including duplicate content and broken links – both of which prevented Google’s bots from being able to properly crawl the website. (2) We repaired the technical issues first as a matter of priority, then started working on their keyword research and site optimization. (3) We used historical data from their paid search marketing campaigns to identify the optimal keywords that would return the best results. (4) High-value assets such as on-site estimate calculators were an instant success with website visitors. (5) Finally, we focused on content development, creating new materials and adding linkable assets to attract more relevant backlink opportunities.

RESULTS: We have now been working with this client for two-years and over that time, we’ve delivered some very impressive results. They were able to reduce their paid search marketing spend and invest more heavily in long-term organic search growth building strategies:

✔️1,321% increase in traffic ✔️2,432% more leads ✔️80% reduction in paid search spend


[+] A 700% Organic Traffic Increase for a Steel Building Company

We created an organic growth solution that helped this business sell its niche product to other firms as part of an overall supply chain solution. Our digital marketing expert services increased their brand recognition, which improved their bottom line.

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Case Study #2: Steel Building Systems Our client, a world leader in innovative pre-engineered steel building systems, supplies thousands of construction projects throughout North America annually and operates a network of almost 1,000 authorized building firms across Central/South America, Europe and Asia. Our digital marketing experts worked closely with their architects, engineers, and contractors, providing computer-aided design services for the construction of low-rise, non-residential buildings with optimal functionality and aesthetic appeal.

CHALLENGE: Our client had recently completed the design and construction of a new website (provided by another company) and now needed an effective online marketing strategy to put them on the map, increase their brand recognition, improve their Google page rankings and increase their sales. They realized that in order to drive more targeted business they would have to invest in digital marketing, but lacked the in-house expertise to maximize the full potential of their new website.

SOLUTION: B2B businesses face some unique challenges because they are generally selling a niche product to other firms as part of an overall supply chain solution. In this case, our client was selling pre-engineered steel buildings to architects, engineers and contractors, so this meant we needed to create a solution which would be highly effective at delivering long-term organic growth.

APPROACH: (1) We immediately got to work on this project, delivering a comprehensive digital marketing strategy supported by a number of activities: (2) We conducted extensive keyword research to complete a highly-detailed competitor analysis breakdown. (3) Using this data, we developed a keyword strategy that was specifically designed to achieve better search results for the targeted market(s). (4) We laid the groundwork for the VP’s strategy by performing website optimization; including a comprehensive website structure evaluation, internal linking, as well as developing website content and page titles. (5) Once the website was fully optimized, we worked hard to claim listings across high authority websites like Google, Yahoo! and Bing to fully optimize the firm’s business profile and brand online. (6) Finally, we deployed powerful link building strategies and distributed business profile information to carefully-selected online directories to enhance the firm’s brand awareness, improving their overall visibility and authority.

RESULTS: Our client is delighted with the results we have delivered, helping the firm to become a recognizable name within their niche, successfully developing and implementing an ongoing optimization plan.

✔️2,337% Increase in Organic Visibility ✔️700% Increase in Organic Traffic ✔️145% Growth in Page 1 Rankings


[+] A 323% Return on Ad Spend for a Collision Repair Company

For this nationally recognized brand, we came up with a paid search marketing strategy that would allow the company to compete on a national level with other heavy hitters while attracting local businesses from each of its U.S. locations.

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Case Study #3: Collision Repair As a nationally-recognized brand, this client had grown to become one of the nation’s largest collision repair companies. Their commitment to their customers, communities and organizational culture has completely set them apart from their competitors. They were focused on setting new service standards and implementing the latest technologies since they found that their customers were always willing to give them positive feedback about their experiences using their services.

CHALLENGE: This client contacted us because they needed help with their paid search marketing campaigns and needed an agency to provide them with solid digital marketing expertise that would best fit with their brand and sales goals.

SOLUTION: When we first met the management team, we were impressed with their ambition and aspirations for growth. The business was growing quickly and they needed to partner with an experienced paid search marketing agency to deliver positive campaign results.

APPROACH: (1) Our digital marketing experts quickly went to work and thoroughly analyzed and researched the auto body repair market, taking into account national and local competitors (2) We then designed a campaign which would allow our client to compete nationally, while attracting local business from each of their locations. (3) Our campaign focused on increasing traffic and maximizing website conversions. (4) This was achieved through geo-targeting, paid ads and retargeting, with a campaign that addressed both their national and local business development aspirations. (5) Since a large majority of auto-body repair leads came in the form of calls to local call centers, we developed a call tracking solution for them to identify the keywords that related to each individual call received. (6) We were then able to properly test the paid search marketing campaign by creating 130 campaigns and using over 10,000 keywords!

RESULTS: We are happy to report that all of our initial groundwork paid off as it far exceeded our client’s expectations. We were able to design, implement and deliver a highly-effective paid search marketing campaign that yielded the following results:

✔️323% increase in return on advertising spend ✔️78.69% Improvement in cost per lead ✔️79.66% Improvement on Cost-per-Click


[+] A 1,844% Organic Visibility Increase for a Fitness Franchise

We took this company’s disorganized marketing approach and implemented an effective link-building strategy that vastly improved the authority and reach of its national website, as well as their franchise sites.

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Case Study #4: Fitness Franchise Our client operates a fitness franchise that’s solely focused on giving customers a better value by offering affordable access to safe, family-friendly facilities. Each club offers the same state-of-the-art cardio, strength and free weight training equipment to its members.

CHALLENGE: Our client recognized that their marketing strategy was completely disorganized, lacking focus and clarity. Each individual franchisee was left to their own devices when it came to marketing, which as you can imagine, led to a proliferation of different marketing tactics and lead generation activities that inadvertently hurt the brand as a whole. It appeared to lack cohesion and clarity in the public’s eyes.

SOLUTION: During our first meeting, it was clear that we needed to do a full reevaluation of their marketing strategy and completely build it from the ground up. We proposed a new website design and a comprehensive organic search plan to start building for long-term online growth.

APPROACH: (1) This project required an in-depth understanding of the fitness market, a clearly-defined strategy, and a series of activities to deliver on the firm’s objectives: (2) Our digital marketing experts analyzed the fitness market and carried out a detailed competitor analysis, looking at other operators’ websites to inform the design, content and organic search strategy we would subsequently develop. (3) We then designed and built an organic search-optimized website with tracking features that allowed our client to assess the return on investment (ROI) of particular initiatives such as the 7-day Guest Passes used to attract potential members, for example. (4) Once that was completed, we developed and delivered a focused on-page optimization strategy. That alone gave them some immediate positive results in the rankings! (5) We followed that up with a relevant, high-quality link building strategy where we were able to identify hundreds of link building opportunities. This was used to improve the authority of the national website and each franchise site.

RESULTS: We completely transformed our client’s online marketing strategy, and we keep delivering some really impressive results with our implemented strategies. Here’s a quick snapshot:

✔️329% increase in conversions ✔️1,844% increase in organic visibility ✔️383% growth in organic traffic


[+] A 400% Increase in Conversions for a Roofing Contractor

This company was managing its organic search in-house and not generating the sufficient ROI to justify the expense. Our digital marketing expert services significantly improved the effectiveness of their online campaigns, and now the company has more time to focus on what they do best.

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Case Study #5: Roofing Contractor Serving the Memphis area for close to two decades, our client has become one of the area’s premium roofing contractors. With extensive experience across the commercial and domestic property sectors, the business has established a proven track record among larger family-owned building & management firms.

CHALLENGE: Our client’s senior team came to the harsh conclusion that in order for them to take significant steps towards moving their business forward, they would need to work on their current digital marketing approach. Having managed their organic search for years in-house, it was clear that it was taking longer, costing more and not delivering enough results. By outsourcing this function, they were able to invest that money into improving their customer service and in other areas of the business that would allow them to focus on their roofing clients and projects.

SOLUTION: We worked to deliver three main objectives: (1) Redesign the website to give it a more polished, professional feel. (2) Grow its organic traffic. (3) Increase the flow of sales leads.

APPROACH: For each client we work with, we develop a specific set of activities to achieve the following set of objectives: (1) Using preliminary research and a competitor analysis we developed a strategic plan for the redesigned website. (2) This informed the prototype concepts we presented to the client, together with our recommended approach. (3) With agreement from the client we then developed these concepts and launched the website. (4) Throughout our work we focused on the organic search requirements of the new site. This enabled us to build the website with robust foundations. (5) Our organic search strategy was informed by performing an in-depth local competitor analysis. We then created linkable assets, developing an ideation deck, etc. This enabled us to deliver a powerful link building outreach approach. (6) Our link building department continuously performed research to build linkable prospects. This was achieved through unlinked brand mentions, competitor research, co-citation, link reclaiming and resource driven outreach. This enabled us to perform prospect outreach, to acquire links and then report on those wins. (7) Once the project was completed, we carried out extensive conversion testing, then building up web traffic and performing usability and conversion testing based on that data. This enabled our team to continuously test new ideas all while keeping a close eye on the website conversion rate and maximizing their amount of return on investment (ROI).

RESULTS: Our client’s senior team is delighted with the new website, especially with these particularly exciting results:

✔️162% Increase in Organic Traffic ✔️400% Increase in Conversions ✔️164.89% Increase in Organic Visibility

How much do you charge for organic search, paid search marketing, websites, etc?

Pricing is made on a case-by-case basis, and takes the client’s budget and services required into consideration.

That being said, avoid agencies that offer across-the-board pricing as they’re trying to lure you in just to get you under contract.


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