Business Process Outsourcing Services

business process outsourcing servicesB&F Professional Services provides outsourced business services for companies and individuals. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) saves you time and money by not having to hire and continually train additional staff, allowing you to focus on your company's core competencies.

Outsourcing to foreign countries has contributed to many ill effects on the U.S. economy, and has drawn the ire of American workers, but it does not offer a complete picture on outsourcing as a whole.

Alternatively, domestic outsourcing provides the following benefits:

Domestic outsourcing businesses are bound to all U.S. intellectual property and confidentiality laws, while foreign countries may not have the same protections in place. As demand increases for jobs once foreign-outsourced, students are incentivized to major in those fields, increasing the talent pool of qualified job applicants. More importantly, customers tend to support companies that provide opportunities to other Americans, which strengthens the economy as a whole.

B&FPS currently provides BPO services in four key areas: Internet Marketing Services, Marketing Consulting Services, Contract Management Services & Professional Translation Services.

Contact us if you have questions related to any of the main business process outsourcing services we offer, or if you're interested in our Paralegal, Document Preparation, and/or Administrative Support Services.


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