I Help B2C Companies Grow Online.

Hi, I’m Daniel Borbolla, President and CEO of B&FPS.

Now this may sound odd, but digital marketing saved me from an unfulfilling professional life working for the local government.

It happened back in 2001 when I started noticing the tremendous impact the web would have on business moving forward.

I’ve always had a love for brand marketing and web design, so when digital marketing became a reality, I knew I found my calling and immediately wanted to jump in.

However, I was faced with the risky decision of leaving behind a secure government job and essentially hitting the ‘reset button’.

Well, my dream finally became reality when B&FPS was opened in 2014!

Today, we’re a nationally-recognized boutique digital marketing firm providing specialized services for both local and national businesses.

My Team and I have been blessed to work with businesses in verticals like construction, medicine, and technology, among several others.

You can find my company through its Google Business Profile, the Better Business Bureau, Alignable, Clutch, ExpertiseΒ and LinkedIn.

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Company Facts.

  • Our full company name is Borbolla & Figueiras Professional Services, LLC.
  • The company was founded on May 22nd, 2014 by Daniel and Kirenia Figueiras Borbolla.
  • Daniel is from Miami, Florida, and Kirenia is from Cienfuegos, Cuba.
  • Our company colors were inspired by Daniel’s high school.
  • Our company logo is based on our “division of labor” concept. (Main | Alternate)

What People Think.

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β€œDaniel has certainly earned my respect through his wealth of knowledge, love and devotion to his craft.”

la colonia medical centers DR. BENIGNO F. RAMOS, M.D., Medical Director, La Colonia Medical Center


β€œB&FPS helped us out with ramping up SEO content for our blog. They took a set of topics and keywords and returned high-quality, professionally written content for our specific industry and SEO goals. I would absolutely recommend B&FPS for their ability to deliver value and on-time service.”

sharpspring JAMIE EMBREE, Director of Digital Marketing, SharpSpring


I’ve known Daniel for almost twenty years now, and can personally attest to his high level of expertise and knowledge when it comes to all things related to search engine marketing. He is always willing to help and definitely my go-to person whenever I need any advice in such matters. Highly recommended!

liberty international underwriters KENNETH KILLIAN, Lead Accountant, Liberty International Underwriters


β€œDaniel enrolled in a business law course I taught at the University of Michigan. He displayed an exemplary attitude towards learning, submitted thoughtful and well-articulated assignments, and mastered the course material. He achieved excellent examination grades and the highest grade in the course. I have no hesitation recommending him for any task he may undertake.”

university of michigan flint school of management FRANCINE L. CULLARI, J.D., Professor, University of Michigan, Flint SOM


β€œI found Daniel to be a bright, articulate learner who sought to learn as much as he could about the topics examined across the course. His ability to effectively translate understanding into quality work is particularly noteworthy, given the high cognitive load and short time frame for that particular graduate course.”

university of alabama DR. BEVERLY RAY, PH.D, Professor, The University of Alabama

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