What Is Visual Search Technology?

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Visual search is really starting to gain some momentum and doesn’t look like it’s going to stop any time soon.

For example, let’s take a look at some of these eye-opening statistics:

Google Lens has been used 1 billion times (that’s billion with a ‘B’), and it only launched this past year!

– Pinterest receives 600 million searches per month and that number will grow as they continue innovating with new features like Google Lens.

Visual Search Is Just Getting Started

The truth of the matter is that visual search engines are just getting going, with Google Lens and Bing visual search being among the most popular and TinEye being a great third alternative.

You may be surprised at how well they work even though the technology is still relatively new.

Why Is Visual Search Important?

So, why are visual search trends spiking and why is this a good thing? Well, the truth is that they make things a lot more convenient and you can use them for just about any task you perform online:

– Translating content
– Shopping for items
– Getting directions
– Identifying landmarks
– Looking up recipes

Overall, it’s been reported that approximately 62% of Gen Z and Millennial consumers want visual search capabilities more than any new technology that’s currently out now.

How Do You Take a Picture and Search for It on Google?

Visual search is the wave of the future and it’s easier than you might think. So, how do you do a visual search on Google?

You simply take your image and upload it to the Google Lens visual search engine. From there, it’ll be analyzed in order to locate the closest match.

Making Visual Search Work For You & Your Business

One of the most important things about making this type of technology work for your business is through visual search SEO.
Visual search marketing starts with quality SEO and it uses two important criteria:

– Descriptive file names
– Image alt text

It also means creating quality content, updating it and placing a relevant image(s) towards the top of your pages. These strategies ensure that you get on top of visual search trends the same way you should be targeting voice search trends.

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